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Bookkeeping & Consulting Services



Labrador Property Management & Consulting offers several services that can be modified to fit your personal or professional needs.  We strive to assist in every task no matter the size or area of expertise, if your in need of personal home organization, project planning, project management and over seeing we can help with it! 





Personal Bookkeeping

Monthly bill pay

Account reconciliation

Financial statements

budget assessments and financial consulting.  Mail collection, bill pay organization and structure. Done from the comfort of your own home or our office. 


Commercial and Small Business Bookkeeping

Monthly bill pay, reconciliation, financial statements, budget assessments and financial consulting.  

Invoice & statement preparation

Billing & collection services

Budget assessments

loss/gain analysis

Condo Management

Billing of monthly condo fees, accounting and deposits

General upkeep and efficiency of condo association

Lease coordination 

Financial statements

Budget assessments

loss/gain analysis


Association & Development Management 

Billing and collection of association fees / dues

Maitnance, security, and general upkeep of common grounds

*24 hour on call security and storm watch

Rental Management

Weekly, monthy, yearly rental management


Lease coordination

Billing & collection services



Trash removal

Laundry services

* On call services for renters

Any of our services are offered at monthy,annuall, flat rate fee, or hourly.   

All Property management services can include Weekly, daily, and monthly check ups on heating, plumbing, and repairs. Trash removal, snow plowing and general upkeep of landscaping, irrigation systems, and pool maintenance.   

Security for seasonal properties and unoccupied dwellings

Seasonal turnovers: winterizing and spring opening

Keep in mind that we are only a phone call away!